100 track per CD limit [Increased to 180]

well, fix is not quite the right word… i raised the limit it to 180 – the real fix will come later… this is not small. the problem is in the performance of the graphical layout engine in this particular layout.

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yup: added a three discs, 80 tracks album today and… it takes forever to load then again forever to access “details” and save when/if I edit something :frowning:

yup, and the problem will get much worse with 180 – real fix is unfortunately to redesign the layout of this entire screen

@danny, any idea when this temporary fix will work? I have a copy of Edith Piaf’s Complete Recordings, 150 tracks in total. Roon identifies the album correctly as being one “disc” with 150 tracks (in the Editing screen), but still shows only the first 120 tracks (in the Album screen), so I can’t play the last 30 tracks. I tried re-identifying, but this didn’t work.

In the initial release of 1.3.

Thanks @joel.

… looks also playback is affected :expressionless:

I’m getting hiccups, on that 80 tracks album, even after restarting the NAS, Mac mini and Aries
doesn’t happen with other albums

maybe i should put this back to 120?

Folks, in the interests of pragmatism, is there anything wrong with using a tagger and setting it up as a multi-disc set, say 50 tracks per disc?

That potentially makes a mess of identification.

I’m having this issue on a three discs, 80 tracks, 24/96 album and first noticed it with a 63 tracks, 2 discs one :frowning:

63? What machine? CPU/GPU? (his is a remote/UI issue, not core)

dedicated, headless, 2011 Mac mini (2.3GHz quad-core i7, 16GB RAM, 128GB SSD)

don’t think hw is the issue :wink:

But what is the client running on?

usually a late 2011 17" MacBook Pro, 2.4GHz quad-core i7, 16GB RAM 960GB SSD or an iPad Air
both connect via wi-fi to an all wired (NAS, Mac mini, Aries, Netgear R7000 router) network

Hrm… and it’s slow with 63 tracks? What album is this?

it’s slow loading multi-disc and high-tracks count and hi-res albums (all three instances at the time)

  • Jacob’s Bach St. Matthew Passion (60+ tracks, DSD and 24-96 versions stacked)
  • Currentzis’ Mozart Don Giovanni (79 tracks, 24-96. also getting drop-outs with this one. but not if playing direct from the Aries)


Actually not sure if this is the same exact issue, butI have an album, WILHELM FURTWANGLER - WAGNER DER RING DES NIBELUNGEN. It is 13 discs with about 320 tracks total (22-24 each). It is painfully slow to come up in the UX; approximately 15+ seconds on a late 2016 MacBook client and an i7 NUC server. Guessing you’ve got an o(n^2) operation (or worse) going on somewhere.

the widget count skyrockets… tens of thousands of hierarchical ui components and then layout :frowning:

we think a solution to fixing these types of screens is to do a constraint based layout system instead of hierarchical layout, but the development problems involved with that would be pretty terrible. we are looking into solutions here

There’s probably a travelling salesman trying to figure the shortest route between [Tracks] Cities in there somewhere …