100% volume bug on transfer of zones, blowing up speakers?

my Roon server is installed on a synology server and my endpoint are an Apple TV and two Libratone zipp speakers. I control the RoonApp via an iPhone XS, since my iPad 4 is not supported by Roon.
Network wise:ubiquity UniFi etc… Cat 6e etc.

When I play my music via the Apple TV, the volume is on 100%, since the Apple TV is connected via HDMI to the receiver., which controls the volume of the speakers. I use airplay as streaming protocol. When I transfer from the Apple TV to the libratone Zipp endpoint the volume keeps on 100%, almost blowing up the speaker and giving my wife a heart attack. When I turn the volume to, let’s say 20% and transfer the zone back to the Apple TV endpoint the volume is a soft 20%. I would like to see that the volume of each endpoint has an individual volume setting.

Zones do have independent volume, so it’s unclear what’s happening here. Can you share images of your Device Settings for each zone?

There have been issues with Airplay on Naim devices where they would always play at 100% so this might be something similar.

I will try to replicate the situation. It might be related how Roon switches from the Spotify Connect / internet radio protocol into the airplay protocol.

Roon doesn’t use Spotify Connect … can please describe your setup as described here:

I know. But the libratone speakers do. My theoretical guess is that I play music via Spotify connect (remote by Spotify one the phone) and then use Roon to connect to the libratone speaker as an end point. As I mentioned earlier, I will try to replicate it should be easy to do since the 100% situation happens several times.

I think you need to take a look at https://roonlabs.com/howroonworks.html. Roon cannot take Spotify Connect as a source and direct it to an endpoint.

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