12v Sbooster on NUC or SMS200

I run Rock on a 7i5 NUC with 4TB attached HD, ethernet to SMS200 and Cambridge 851N endpoint.

The SMS200 allows me to play hi res files through the 851N.

The NUC is upstairs where as the SMS is in a rack next to the 851N.

SMS is powered by a 12v Sbooster.

Would the Sbooster be more beneficial on the NUC upstairs?

Connection between SMS and 851n is via a bog standard USB.

I’ve just been reading on here about tweeks on NUCs etc. Curious USB gets some good right-ups.

Without listening, I’d say your current configuration is the best use of the Sbooster. Potential electrical noise carried by the USB cable connecting sMS-200 to 851N may be alleviated by powering the sMS-200 with Sbooster. It’s less likely that changing the NUC’s power supply will do anything. But you could experiment, of course, maybe asking a relative or friend to listen to the two options without knowing which is which. In my experience, power supply changes have subtle effects and it’s easy to fall for expectation biases.

Thankyou so much for the reply