14 day free trial mistake (2)[Solved]

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Hi, I had made exactly the same mistake as Gary here… Could you help remedy my mistake as well?


Hello @Alex_Chan, for sure.

But, it may take a little bit more time than usual because of the holidays. Stay tuned.


Thanks! vova

Hi vova, could you help me switch to annual membership after my 14 days trial please?


Hey @Alex_Chan – sorry for the delay here! Busy couple days following the holiday here.

Would you mind sending an email to contact [at] roonlabs.com letting us know what went wrong here, and we’ll get this worked out for you?


Hi @Alex_Chan, no need to email us, I just took care of this for you. You’re all set with a trial for the annual membership, which ends December 14, and I refunded the lifetime purchase for you. Thanks for your patience!

Thank you so much guys!

Much appreciated!