14 day free trial mistake

Hello, I downloaded Roon just now with the intention of signing up for the 14-day free trial. However, I then misread the options on the pricing page and signed up for the Lifetime Membership - which is the option I’d go for if I liked the 14-day trial - rather than the annual membership, which I failed to notice was the option with the ‘Start Free Trial’ button rather than the ‘Buy Now’ button. I thought I was simply expressing my preference for which subscription I’d take once the trial was up. Instead, I seem to have bought a lifetime subscription to a piece of software I’ve never used.

Can you help me remedy my mistake and start my 14-day free trial?

Thanks in advance for your help


Hi @gary_imlach,

@kevin and I can definitely get this worked out for you. We’ll follow up via email, so stand by.