152000 tracks when on NAS 164000 tracks when on external

I have had my files on my NAS but due to problems with Roon I moved my music library to an external HD connected to my Nucleus.

With the files on the NAS Roon tells me I have approx 152000 tracks.
Now that library is on external HD Roon tells me I have over 164000 tracks.

That seems like a huge discrepancy and if things working the way they should isnt it reasonable to expect Roon would see the same number of tracks?

14,000 + difference?

Any ideas out there?
Have had a tumultuous experience with Roon since day 1 … this just adds to it
Thank you

Do you have hiding of grouped versions in the same state as before in Settings? If grouped versions are hidden, the Library screen counts only the visible versions (i.e. not the hidden ones). If versions are not hidden, it counts them all.

(The top of the Home screen always counts the full number)

Are any of the path names longer than 256 characters?
I found a number of boxsets I had over that limit. I moved to a shorter path and they showed up.

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No HD mirror image of NAS

No definitely not
Thanks for the reply

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If you are curious, you could do an export to Excel for each core and then compare spreadsheets.

Hey i get an extra 10,000 tracks
Whats not to like?


There are directory comparison applications and probably CLI commands you could find to compare the differences in your library directories. As @Rugby noted, Excel is an option, but comparing such a large set of data may require some Excel knowledge to identify differences. I can do this in Excel, but I am on a Mac and use DirEqual and it has helped with finding missing or duplicate files across many directories.

Thanks…dont really know what the differences are
I was just very surprised to have encountered the discrepancy to this degree
Does anyone have any idea Re: the why?
Gotta be something to do with using NAS for location of files?

Are the directories and their hierarchy basically identical between the NAS and external drive?

Yes completely identical

Copied files 1:1 from nas to external

For a quick check from a Windows PC, can you select your master music directory on either the NAS or external drive and right click on it and select “Properties”? This will provide a gross-up of the number of directories and files, and may provide an insight if there are any differences with the other drive. If so, then you can start looking at the subdirectories, but this may provide an initial insight.

Only Apple.
No windows for me

Probably good to wait for Roon Support to reply next week, but DirEqual for the Mac may be worth looking at then. It even allows synchronization between directories if you find a mismatch.

“Wait for Roon support…”
Yeah i guess
Waiting seems to big a big part of their support process

Thanks for the software tip.
Appreciate it

It could be something to do with special characters in file and/or folder names, different OS’s handle special characters differently. I would stay away from using * . " / \ [ ] : ; | , etc, only - and _ should be used for space. Some of the tracks I’ve bought had huge filenames full of special characters which do cause problems. I’ve just gone through huge renaming exercise, and things seem better for it.


Does the nas recognize OS X permissions? If so, could it be something with a permission setting on the nas files that is causing it to skip some files or folders?

If you get info in the external drive (command-i) is it set to ignore permissions?

Ive figured this out…some tracks listed twice. Shown to be in the same location. Without thinking I started a new thread about it. Im sure they will move my posts and pictures to this thread at some point.

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