16 bit to Heos HS2 soundbar (24bit)

Strange thing is going on. When I stream to my heos soundbar Roon converts to 16 bits. But my soundbar is 24bit/192khz. Very strange that there is no conversion to 24 bit.
Why is this happening?

I was testing one and other because I have plans to buy bluesound node2i (looks better to me than buying a nuc)

Are you using Airplay? If not share a screenshot of the signal path.

You can only stream hires to Heos using their own app or using its digital inputs from a hires source any other app will use Airplay and that’s restricted to 44.1/16. Nothing can change that, Roon does not support native Heos streaming it’s a locked protocol.

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I need a nuc to solve all limetations. Than I do not need airplay or other difficult sideways to get results.

A Nuc won’t help you here unless your Heos soundbar supports USB audio, which I am certain it doesn’t. You just need a seperate Roon endpoint connected to its optical input. You could use a raspberry pi SBC with an inexpensive Spdif output card to achieve this with little expenditure.

When I am using a nuc in the future I will connect it to my DAC first. Than it should be bitperfect without any downsampleing etc.
But first when I save the money I buy a cambridge dacmagic200M first. And after that a nuc. Now I have to do with nvidiashield with fiiok5pro(dac). Shield is converting every muziek source to 24bit/192. Not ideal when you want to play dsd sources.
I am doing a lot of researching this days think the cambridge with a nuc is best sollution. Or there are better once but than you need a lot of money :slight_smile: