16 cores 32 threads 2.8Ghz vs 4 cores 4 threads 4.2 Ghz

Should swapping an I5 6600k (4 cores, 4 threads, 4.2 Ghz) with a Xeon E5 2698v3 (16 cores, 32 threads, 2.8Ghz) on a Asus Z170-K (X99) motherboard with 32Gb Ram would be an upgrade for running Roon with HQPlayer?

The CPU mark of the server chip is three times that of the i5. If HQPlayer can leverage those cores it should be better. But it still a 2014 CPU (the i5 is 2015) so there are better options than both out there.

Since this is a HQPlayer question, not really Roon, I am moving the thread to that section.

With HQPlayer algorithms, you need both high clock rates, IOW maximum single-thread performance. And high number of cores.

Best way to achieve that is to use high clock rate CPU (maximum single-thread performance) combined with powerful GPU (maximum multi-thread performance).

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