16GB m.2 ssd enough for ROCK?

I understand that ssd does nothing more than os installation and cannot store music.

I came across with used 16GB ssd (slc i think) Would this be enogh to install ROCK?


It will load and run but if you have a big database due to size of collection things might start to get tight.

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My 150K track database is around 7-8GB on my ROCK install The OS etc requires very little, so you could be ok…if you have the 16GB drive already it certainly is not an issue to try it initially and see how it goes.

Thank you so much~

This forum is just fantastic… whatever stupid question I may have, I am getting fast and to-the-point responses and answers!

I’m sure its a cheap enough option to try…as long as its interface type is supported by your NUC as you don’t mention the exact model ssd

I would be very wary of a 16GB used SSD. Make sure you check the endurance remaining before buying…

My 96650 (including 32563 tidal) track database with OS and Roon Server is around 15GB on my ROCK:

So draw conclusions :wink: .