192khz files play silently

Roon Core Machine

Surface pro 7

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Verizon, Ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

iPad, iPhone,
BluOS node 2i

Number of Tracks in Library

11062 albums

Description of Issue

Whenever a 192khz track tries to play, it plays but goes silent. Not sure what is going on but only happens with 192khz files

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What output are you using for the node?
You might try going to the advanced device settings for the node in Roon and adjusting the max sample rate and see if it helps:

Thanks. It is set up like that

Also, I stream Qobuz, so I have MQA capabilities unchecked. Doubt that g he as anything to do with the problem

Can I get help from support?

Check your equipment specifications to ensure 192kHz compatibility,

For example vintage Sonos Connects (ZP90) were capped at 44.1kHz.

I’ll check. Pretty sure specs support 192khz.

This just started happening. Was fine until a week ago

If it worked a week ago it’s not a product specification. Also, although it usually works, the technical limitation of toslink optical is 176.4 kHz.

Partially figured out. So, I was getting static from the node 2i using coax, but 192 kHz played fine. Switched to optical, now 192khz plays but silent. Not sure why the optical connection would cause this? Thoughts please?

Switched back to coax just now, 192khz plays fine. But only a matter of time til I get the coax static from my node 2i.

If you are playing CDs and upsampling 4x, switch your settings to output 176.4 kHz (4x44.1) and see if it works with the optical cable. Technical limits of toslink is 176.4kHz, although I’ve seen them work at 192 kHz (4x48).

Hi, cds are long gone, strictly streaming and vinyl now. I’ll try a different toslink cable I guess

A good number of streams are CD quality 44.1. My collection is ripped to digital, so upsampling factors of 44.1 come into play. 44.1, 88.2, 176.4, 352.8…I’ll only upsample by even x factor…

44.1 files to 88.2, 176.4, 352.8
48 files to 96, 192, 384

Good luck with your experimentation…

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Resolved. Different toslink cable plays 192khz fine.


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