192kHz is being downsampled to 96kHz

I have a 24/192 source, with Chord Mojo DAC connected to MacBook over USB.

The Core is running on Synology 918+ NAS.

When checking the Signal Path I see Sample Rate Conversion 192kHz to 96kHz. Why? My hardware is certainly capable of carrying 192kHz sample rate and more.

Hi Felix,

Could you upload a screenshot of your signal path ? The picture icon in the menu bar of the Forum post editor is the upload control.

What options are selected in Audio MIDI Setup for the MacBook Output to the Chord ?

Attached both, the midi config and the signal path. My mojo is showing the color corresponding to 192kHz sample rate.


Hi Felix,

Can you post a screenshot of your Settings > Audio window in Roon?

It looks as though you are using System Output. Can you see the Chord Mojo in Audio? If so, Enable it.

Cheers, Greg

That did it, thanks Greg! I didn’t realize that I could stream directly to Mojo.



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