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Hi. A very simple query that I can’t find an answer to. I started the free trial of Roon 3 days ago. My bank have told me there is a 0.74 GBP (1 USD) charge applied to my account. Is this normal? Thanks.

I believe even though you signed up for a free trial it still required you to provide a CC and the $1 charge is done to prove to Tidal in this instance that your CC is an active account should you continue to subscribe beyond the trial end date. I think they will deduct the amount if you do subscribe or refund if you don’t.

Hey @David_Rudman,

Thanks a lot for bringing this up :nerd_face:

It’s great to see you’re keeping in eye on your bank account. The $1.01 charge you’re seeing on your bank statement is simply an authorization to verify that the card is valid and that the bank will allow it to be authorized. This is a temporary charge and it will disappear from your bank statement in a few days.

I’ve checked your account specifically and the transaction was already cancelled :relieved:

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