2.0 and Internet Requirements

I want to be sure I’m understanding what’s changed with 2.0. I originally invested in Roon (both through a lifetime subscription, and by buying and building up my local music collection in Flac format stored locally) as I was tired of my music not working whenever there were internet connectivity issues. I live in a remote location and my internet involves multiple radio towers repeating the signal: it works great when it works, but it goes down frequently. Roon was perfect as I can continue to play and browse my locally owned/stored music during these frequent internet problems, which I find useful to my focus when working.

My company is exploring buying ~10 Roon lifetime subscriptions for other people in our “remote offices”, inspired because I was so excited by what Roon ARC offers.

But I need to understand: is the intent that we are no longer able to play our locally owned files when the internet goes down? This is a show stopper for us, as this would make Roon just as problematic as remote streaming services, and would defeat the purpose of having locally hosted files.


I think you’re out of luck and will need to find another solution. roon 2.0 requires full-time active internet access. See this post from a roonlabs employee.

Thanks, that’s what I was trying to clarify. Disappointing, but I’m glad to have learned this now.

You can use v1.8 to carry on accessing local files when the internet is down. It will carry on with the feature set you have now.
Obviously you will miss out on updates but that is at least an option.

Yes, thanks, that’s my short term plan. It doesn’t make for a good long term plan.

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I guess it depends on what short and long term are in developments…
Roon nuancing their current black or white message.
Internet arriving more reliably.

That is absolutely disappointing. If i a stay with 1.8 i cannot update my ios appletv or other devices. I think todays internet services are not stable enough for the decision you have made. Maybe i must look for an alternative

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This is the messaging, as I understand it, from Roon Labs as of 2.0 release.

Or, at least it’s not reliable so just expect it won’t work.

and others. There wasn’t any forewarning related to this change.

This investment is not lost as any other “server” will be able to read these files.

I agree with this. Time will dictate if Roon 2.0+ restores some kind of “offline” mode. What that looks like I have no idea but I do find it a bit abrupt to pull the plug completely even for a user, like myself, that has redundant and reliable Internet access.

Happy Roon’ing. I hope someone drags a fiber out to wherever you are so you can gain reliable Internet.

Have to tell you the truth - I dislike it. I will take no action right now. But, the minute the following happens, I will start reconsidering Roon:

1.- Internet happens to go down in my house
2.- It happens at the same time I am trying to listen to music
3.- I am actively kept from playing my local files by the internet requirement.

Why until then? Because, well, so far it hasn’t affected me. Don’t want to start a whole thing on a hypothetical situation. So far, no issues, upgrade went well and it works well. But once I am affected, then it is time to start stinking it up re: the requirement.


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