2.0 and still no improved tidal integration

Come on, you put a big TIDAL button there on the left, and the only thing shown in “whats new” are MyMix 1 - 8 (all new albums or new tracks are most listened mainstream artists I really don’t like), “Explore” and “Playlists is the same” - not personalized like in the tidal app.

What a letdown, an ARC app that in so many cases does not work and the same old tidal problems we have for years.

Satisfaction with the upgrade will depend on one’s needs. 2.0 is all about remote access but I was perfectly happy using PlexAmp for that function. Integration with Apple, Bandcamp, Apple TV display, improved sound tweaking, etc…would have been far better for me but I appreciate that this is a big step for others.

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I use the Tidal “tab” all the time. I like the Explore, especially by Genre. I also like some of the staff picks and curated playlists. For example, I just found a new Americana album that I’m enjoying.

Tidal for me works perfectly thru Roon.

What type of personalization are you looking for?

I get completely random suggestions that have nothing to do with my taste or listening habits. Hits and commercially successful music is what it shows to me, but I like jazz and other complex music. It seems to be not in sync with my listening.

I compare it to the tidal app and another thing i am missing is my daily suggestion playlist and the New Arrivals playlist. It is much more fun exploring music in the tidal app.

I agree but not all those things are readily available to 3rd parties via the api or deals. Roon also what might seem simple to you isn’t likely that easy. Roon is made like a games engine so any UI changes have quite a big and long gestation period. If enough people ask for things they will look at it but there is lots of other stuff they also have on their list. There are workarounds to get the stuff into Roon not elegant but they work.

Downloaded 2.0 and ARC to upgraded MAC OS …
Was hoping for stability improvements … ha!
Now ROON will not load … Tidal will NOT integrate/play.
ALL playlists and history have disappeared???
AND none of my Audio Devices are visible … Not even one!!!
This might be the last straw w Roon.
It is a cool program for the 25% of the time is is working.

PLEASE OFFER suggestions on how to fix :slight_smile:

Hello rant buddy!

I think it works for like 98% of the time, but the 2% it doesn’t work suck so hard… :rofl:

Did you restart and re enter tidal account info? I had to login again on one of my cores.