2.0 Required Network Share Settings Change for Zen Mk3 Storage Location

Roon Core Machine

TS-473 4x2TB SSD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Wired via Netgear basic switch

Connected Audio Devices


Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

My music library is stored on an Innuos Zen Mk3. Roon 1.8 could see the files, 2.0 cannot.

I have not changed the network share setting.

The library is online

Changed to fixed ip in link.

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What happens if you recreate the link using the \\zen\music\ naming convention?

Didn’t work. Tried a few times. Was fine with 1.8. Thankfully works with the IP address in 2.0. That was guesswork on my part after looking at the Innuos system page, knowing ZERO about IT, a lucky guess.

Hmm, interesting. Was there an error message displayed? If so, what did it say? Thanks.

The error message is as per the image in the first post. My library was always there in 1.8. After the update I saw my library only had Qobuz entries and then looked the storage page in Roon and saw the message.

So, you went to edit the path, deleted the \\zen\ NAS reference in the left hand navigation pane, then added it again, with the same result?

yes, correct

Then I don’t understand - by deleting and then re-adding the NAS, if the drive was not available using the \\zen\ notation, you should have got an error at the “Add Network Share screen” stage. I don’t think you would have returned to the Settings > Storage screen… Something very odd here.

@support - can you explain this?

Geoff, I downloaded ARC out of curiosity, and got this. I could play something on my phone, at home. Does this mean I would have to do something on my router or server?

I just looked at the app. Whatever app I use (Qobuz, Roon, Amazon), the first thing I do is choose the genre I want to listen to. I couldn’t see it. Is it there?

For Roon ARC to access your Core when away from home, you first need to configure your Core via Settings > Roon ARC.

Currently, there is no Genre browser in Roon ARC. It is the first release, and future versions will have more functions.

Thanks. That’s where the error codes are and to do with portals.

Hi @Steven44 and @Geoff_Coupe,

I’m glad you were able to restore access to the Zen storage location with a fixed IP.

The naming convention failure with this particular device is something we’ve encountered before (see this post for context: How to add music from Innuos (Zen mk2) in Roon Nucleus as library - #6 by Rugby)

Innuos apparently mentions that certain network configurations don’t permit the device to appear as a location in the file browser of the PC, requiring the fixed IP method. However, the team will investigate why installing Roon 2.0 triggered a sudden reversion here for you.

In the meantime, we’d like to assist with the port forwarding error you’re experiencing to allow for playback with ARC on-the-go with cellular data. The mentioned that you see error codes in Roon → Settings → ARC. Are you able to paste those here for the tech support team to investigate?

Thank you!

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Thanks, but I have no interest in Roon ARC.

I’ve had a QNAP at home for over 10 years, so have always been able to access local files remotely using their music player app QMusic. I tried it 7 or 8 years ago on holiday, never since. We just did a road trip to Italy and if we wanted to listen to something in the car it was podcasts on BBC Sounds.

Innuos updated their operating system last week to make Roon access easier, I’ve not used it as I use their Sense app.

I used to use Roon 1.8 on my Innuos, but I’ve not used 2.0. I don’t think I ever will. The issue was that I did need to index my music library as it sits on the Innuos.

The QNAP TS-473 is a superb machine. I’ve contacted a local QNAP engineer who is going to check my configuration and security. I use it for other important things besides Roon. I may move the local file storage to an SSD attached to the QNAP, because I’m looking at upgrading by Innuos Zen to Innuos Pulsar, which may improve sound quality, but the Pulsar does not have local storage.

I bought lifetime Roon purely for domestic audio distribution. I have 30 Roon Ready devices. The only music I listen to outside my house is live. There are increasingly more ways of doing multi-room, such as Alexa and now Innuos. Most of my units are Alexa enabled and have Amazon HD onboard. Innuos is now multi-room. That is all I am interested in.

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Hi @Steven44,

Understood, thank you for elaborating. Please let me know if there’s anything else we can assist with, and I hope the storage location access has been stabilized.

Thanks. I just want it to remain competitive as a domestic multi-room system. I no longer have any skin in the game as I have lifetime.

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