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ROCK running on an i7 NUC with 16 GB RAM

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Description of Issue

I have been traveling via plane a lot recently and have really enjoyed having my music collection with me via RoonARC. While downloading a bunch of recordings for offline listening in prep for my last trip, I noticed a couple of opportunities for improvement.

  1. I queued up a bunch of recording for download on my iPhone and discovered that RoonARC stops downloading when the app goes to sleep. While this isn’t entirely unexpected, there is no way to keep it alive beyond constant moving the screen. It would be nice to be able to queue up a bunch of recordings and let them download in the background, or at least an option to keep RoonARC alive.
  2. Once an album is downloaded successfully, you must access it for the first time WHILE STILL CONNECTED. I tried to access some of my recordings while in airplane mode and received an error that I was offline. This only happens for recording that I did not browse to first while online. I’m guessing there is a cache download of track listings and art that must happen before the music is playable that DOES NOT happen as part of the download. Steps to reproduce:
    1. Download an album. Do not browse to the album
    1. Enter airplane mode
    1. Attempt to play album. Error will appear and music is unplayable.
    1. Turn off airplane mode
    1. Attempt to play album. Everything is fine.
    1. Turn on airplane mode again
    1. Attempt to play album. Everything is still* fine.

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