2 Cores...Home and Work...can they be synced?

Today I have one lifetime membership at home, where I use Roon to navigate a NAS library and Tidal. At work I use Tidal desktop. I’ve debated copying my NAS and getting Roon to run my desktop system.

I’d consider buying a second core and running Roon at my office if I could sync my membership and have one interface that talked to both cores. In essence I don’t want to add a Tidal album at work and then have to log on at home to do the same.

Can Roon be synced between 2 separate cores?

Tidal syncs by default because of the mechanism of adding via Tidal favourites (assuming you’ll be logged into the same Tidal account).

I did exactly the same and it worked great.

You can try it for free providing you don’t want home and office Cores running at the same time.

It can get a bit confusing because Tidal is the only thing that stays in sync (other than account name) so just restrict all your playlist/radio/local file edits to the home one and you’ll be fine.

If you want true sync between the two, you’d need VPN and/or a manual offline sync, and possibly two licenses. You’d also need to come up with a syncing methodology yourself.

Unless you want music in both locations at the same time there’s no problem with having just one Roon licence.

Currently I have two NUCs and NASes (NASi? What is the plural of NAS) in two locations. The NUCs run Roon Core and the NAS have my stored music on them.

When I move location I merely open a Roon remote and deauthorize the other NUC and the current NUC comes online. The NAS back up to each other sequentially, so I always have the same music on each. If I accidentally delete an album I would always have time to access the remote NAS and restore the album.

Now that Roon allows easy backups it’s easy to swap databases when I’ve made changes in one.

What makes this process even easier is that Tidal albums will automatically be added to each location in Roon once favourited.

Thanks Guys

I think I follow the logic. Quick question, if I put a Tidal favorite in Roon software, it doesn’t appear to put that into Tidal “My Music” section. Roon seems to read it if I put a favorite into Tidal, but not the other way around.

I’m asking because it will help guide whether I go to Roon at work or not. I hate to build a Roon only library and then my Tidal phone app won’t have the same library.