2 days left of trial and Roon self-destructs!

What a way to finish my trial; two days before completion an update lands kills the core and now nothing can connect :weary:

The product, when it works is great, but the v1.8 update(s), both the initial release and subsequent builds have been an adventure.

If I decide to do this thing, take the plunge and subscribe, I’m going to have to setup a testing environment as my experience of updates has been pretty poor and definitely “service impacting”.

Anyone else having issues with updates?

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Nope, updates have been flawless. Remember to update your Apple and Android devices if you’re using them as control devices.

Same here, update did not work out well for mel. So far the fixes recommended have been to re-set everything, which is what i did several times anyway and what i basically do every time i shut down a full system. Don’t lose hope though, same thing happened to me when i first joined and within a few weeks i was up and running. Nobody here was able to help me BUT my audio dealer spent 4 hours on the phone and we went through each of my systems step by step and he was able to walk me through the intricate to me networking and software jibber jabber and such which eventually got everything to “communicate” properly. Well past my skill levels but some of these folks really know how to dig deep into this stuff Good luck!

Windows and Android remote clients. I have had 1.8 working, but got hit with another update today and didn’t see any option to update the remotes again. I’ll take a look - cheers :blush:

Windows server, Windows endpoint on wired network, Android wifi remote here. Zero installation, ui, or stability issues. Apparently i’m in the lucky minority.

When doing the 1.7 → 1.8 upgrade, I think I was prompted to upgrade the remotes. The is 2nd (maybe 3rd) 1.8 build since then, but I’ve never been prompted again to update the remote clients.

Since original post the Android has connected and I’ve initiated a restore from backup, as the update lost all config. :crossed_fingers:

The Roon 1.7 remotes will not work with Roon 1.8. However, the earlier Roon 1.8 remotes will still work with the latest updates of Roon 1.8. However, for all the features to work completely and properly on your particular Roon remote, you need to update them to the latest version. Windows should have already updated automatically. Apple and Android versions should show up in the app stores tonight or tomorrow, I would think.

Blame it on the Windows! :slight_smile: