2 instances of Roon at once?

Is it possible to run 2 separate instances of Roon at on the same computer? I’m thinking a Roon for Jazz only and another for Rock only. I have large collections of both and I would like to keep them separate for ease of use.
I just re-did my Roon install and only loaded the Jazz which is 15,000 plus CD’s. So far it’s looking good but I still have a lot of merging and meta data clean up to do to get it straight. I’m a very “A to Z” guy so I don’t want it all split up by sub genres. If I’m looking for Art Pepper say, I don’t want it listed as West Coast, Bop, Ballads etc. So I’m making everything just jazz and that’s working well for me.
I really don’t want to start adding my rock collection (roughly 10,000 CD’s) in the mix as it were. So my thought is a completely separate Roon for that collection. Can it be done?

Thanks Ed

If I go to my collection (much smaller than yours), focus on jazz, and sort by artist, I get the effect you seem to be looking for:

3 Cohens
Aaron Diehl
Aaron Parks
Abdullah Ibrahim

Wolfgang Muthspiel
Zhenya Strigalev

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You could put them is seperate storage locations and then use Focus to pick the location you want to look at.

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