2 question from new user


Just downloaded Roon, and have 2 question about it!. First, to me the SQ seems better then i stream tidal(Hifi) from from my computer than using Roon(DSPoff) Why?. I also wounder if Roon tidal mirror the original tidal software, as i only see a small numbers of songs/albums compared to tidals.

Sorry for my english

Thanks in advance

Welcome you the Roon forum, Frank! It would help if you would share details of your setup for Roon and TIDAL.

Regarding the TIDAL catalogue, Roon accesses the same content for your region. I suspect you’re browsing What’s New … This includes recent additions only. If you use the search features you should find an album or artist.

Please note that some new releases can take a day or two to show in Roon; this depends on TIDAL, i.e. announced releases usually show the same day whereas “surprise” releases can lag a couple of days.