2 Roon accounts on the same ROCK?


I searched the community for an answer but didn’t find anything about that…

Before creating a second account for my wife, i’d like to know if it is possible to have only one ROCK accessed by 2 different Roon accounts (one for my wife and mine).

How the rock database handles this? Are the Roon accounts “airtight”?

The main goal is to have our own tidal / qobuz accounts connected to our Roon account.

Thanks for your answers.

It sounds like what you need is 2 cores. I am not sure if you can switch accounts like that with the same database.

Just as an FYI, you can create multiple profiles on one Roon account. My wife and I do that, and we have very different tastes in music. We both use the same Qobuz account.

We each have our own view into the same Roon library managed by the same core.

It works, although I can see that having two Roon cores would make some things easier to accomplish. For the added cost, it wasn’t worth it to us.

Thanks for your answers Rugby and Kuryan_Thomas.

@Rugby, i wish there would be another way than having another core to have only one core to admin.

@Kuryan_Thomas, i know about roon profiles, but in this case, they are useless because when we are away home we use Tidal or Qobuz apps and i would have my wife’s albums or tracks added by her in my app (and our music tastes are really, really different :wink:

I think i’ll have to set up another ROCK. I’m using Synology VMM for this, so no extra cost, just time to set up and another VM to admin.

Wouldn’t you need to pay for another Core license?

As i understand the membership on the roon labs price page :
1 Year Roon data service
1 Roon Core managing your music library (at a time - memberships can be transferred easily)
Unlimited remote devices (Windows PCs, Macs, Android Devices, Apple iPads and iPhones)

Am I wrong?

Remotes only control the core. So what that means is you can have unlimited remote devices to control one core.

In order to have multiple cores you need a separate license for each core.


Yes that’s what i meant : 1 subscription for my wife (1 core + remotes) + another subscription for me (another core + remotes).

Ok. Just wanted to make sure it was clear. My Engineering brain at work.

Do you have separate storage locations for you music? You would need to do this to truly separate your music libraries.

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Yes, a NAS share for each of us to seperate her albums from mine.

It’s a shame roonlabs doesn’t allow multiple/different users in database with a proper tidal account. Perhaps they have it in their todo list.

Fortunately, we don’t have kids at home with different music tastes :slight_smile:

This is much more common than people think.

You could use focus and create bookmarks for the different NAS storage locations.

This does not help with the tidal part of it other than you could filter out tidal completely…

This also does not completely address the recommendations and radio…

I do this to focus on my local files when I want them.

So I’ve got one Roon Core, dockerized, and one account. I can create another Profile - can both profiles listen to different music at the same time? No Tidal or Quobuz to fight over, local files only.

Using different endpoints, yes.