2 Roon Installations and Playlist Failure

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

2015 iMacs, Big Sur, Roon 1.7 build 610

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Asus 3100 wifi

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Ropieeeon rpi4 usb out to topping d50s

Description Of Issue

I have 2 homes in which I use Roon. At the first I set up Roon and created 20 playlists. I backed up Roon to a usb stick, deauthorized that Roon core installation and went to my other house. Same hardware and software. I set up a Roon core and restored from the usb stick backup. All fine and working. I can see my playlists in the my Stuff section. However when I now am playing an album and say Save to a Playlist, none of the playlist that I can see in my Stuff section show up. If I create a new playlist, it shows up in my Stuff section and I can now save new albums to the newly created playlist.

Why am I no longer able to save to my old playlists even though they are clearly there in my Stuff section?
Thx for any help

Hi @moto,

Are you using the same Profile that the playlists were created on?

Yes, the same profile. The playlists are all there in C’s Stuff section which is my profile in both places. They just don’t show up in the drop down at my second home when I go to save a new album to a playlist. The only playlists that show up are the ones I created here at my second home.
The playlists from my first home are all albums streamed from Qobuz. I have no stored music there.

Hi @moto,

Can you please confirm if you created these playlists in the Qobuz app (outside of Roon) or inside of Roon?

Are you using the same Qobuz account in both locations?

It sounds like you are using a Qobuz-created playlist here, and you cannot add to playlists except if they are local copies saved in the Roon database.

Same Qobuz account. 32 of the 37 appear in the Qobuz app so they must have been created there. The other 5 were definitely created in Roon at my 2nd home so that must be the issue.
Then I need to import those Qobuz created playlists and create local copies?
Sorry to have wasted your time on this.

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Hi @moto,

Thanks for confirming that the 32/37 appear properly, yes this would suggest they have been created in Qobuz.

Yes, that would be a solution. Do keep in mind that once you save the playlists to your Roon database, no changes to the local playlist is reflected back to Qobuz, so be sure to keep backups of your database if you add tracks via Roon. Hope this helps!

Thx again for the help! Great product. On a related question, is there a way in Roon to get Qobuz to download music to local storage the way you can in the Qobuz app or is it a security issue?

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Hi @moto,

If you purchased the content from Qobuz and you can download it in one of Roon’s supported file types, then yes it should work.

If you are referring to “offline” material in the Qobuz app that does not offer actual media file download, then that only works in the Qobuz app due to DRM security of the files.

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