2 Roon-iTunes Questions

Month into using Room and loving the visibility it gives me of what I own. Two questions to help me better control files I ripped w/iTunes:

  1. When I move (to create an album) or delete a file in Roon, does iTunes know about it or will iTunes now think the file still exists in their schema but not be able to play it when it tries?

  2. Given difficulties iTunes occasionally creates moving or deleting files on its own, under what circumstances should I consider moving from Roon-watched to Roon-organised folders?

Thanks and Happy New Year!

Bob C

Can you let me know a little more about how you use iTunes, and how you’ll be using iTunes in the future?

Is iTunes likely to be a permanent part of how you organize your music, or are you looking to migrate away from it?

Thanks for prompt response, Mike. I initially used iTunes as way of ripping about 1500 CDs onto NAS, and accessed them using multiple SONOS devices (some to high end stereos) in my home. Will keep SONOS for ease-of-use for wife.

Going forward I still need to be able to rip an occasional CD onto NAS. Prefer to own rather than stream so not trying Tidal yet. Ideally I can use Roon to manage the music files on the NAS and iTunes would be made aware of changes (deletions, connections into albums) made through Roon. But depending on how Roon interacts with iTunes this may or not be a smart plan. If Roon is reading a lot from iTunes schema, and that schema is not being updated when Roon makes changes, then this probably isn’t best way to go and I should aim at getting out of iTunes entirely. Then have to figure out how to deal with discs that iTunes has as compilation discs.

Thanks, Bob C

iTunes can’t watch for deletions nor edits in that way, whether Roon is in the picture or not.

If you don’t need iTunes to put files onto an iDevice, then ditch it. Just point Sonos somewhere else.