2 roon licences - what is best way to keep them synchronised?

I have a Roon system in my office - a USB drive connected to a NUC (to Bluesound Pulse Flex).

Every few weeks I bring the hard drive home to put newly ripped music on it. This isn’t as seamless as I’d like as I simple copy recently changed files but if Bob Dylan or various artists are involved it can take some time. Is there an easier way than a manual copy?

The second issue is then I restore the latest backup when I get back to work with the updated music. This works but also inserts all my home audio points and backup s etc which I then have to delete. I’m wondering if I just do it the old fashioned way of just moving the database file from my home system to the offcie system?


I’d appreciate any help and guidance form people running 2 Roon systems and how they manage to keep them both updated.


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Could you just carry an external drive to and fro? By this I mean a large (capacity) external USB drive that contains your entire active library. Unhook here, plug there, add files, occasionally back up as desired, etc.

I also have 2 licenses for 2 locations.
Both locations have a nas for music files. Auto sync each night.
Same login for Roon and Tidal on both systems.
More expensive then usb drive but very conveniant.