2 RoPieeeXL cannot work together anymore

Hello all,

my Roon is 2.0 (1311) and my RoPieeeXL’s are 2023.09 (1118).

Roon server is on a Windows 10 64 bit machine.

My configuration is:

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B + RoPieeeXL + Chord Mojo 2
Raspberry Pi 4 Model B + RoPieeeXL + Chord Mojo 2

So I have TWO endpoints with the SAME hardware, the SAME software and the SAME DAC.

I never had any issues about this configuration, but, today, I’m becoming crazy.

I perfectly enter in the both RoPieeeXL web interface, each one with its own IP, and Roon see them both, like ever.

But, today, Roon can’t simply tollerate the two RoPieeeXL together.

If they’re both are ON, Roon simply mess up things.

I mean, Roon, gives them the same NAME, and if I change the name on the FIRST Roon will automatically change with the same name the LATTER.

Also, if they’re on together, Roon will see ONLY one RoPieeeXL, and, to make play the other, I have to TURN OFF RoonServer, TURN OFF the first RoPieeeXL and then TURN ON the second RoPieeeXL and then TURN ON RoonServer again.

In other words: it’s now impossible to use my TWO Roon Endpoints together.

There’s something I can try?

PS: I’m just tried to change DAC on one of the two endpoints. Same stuff, Roon will mess-up things, will not see as endpoint one of the two Raspberrys and, if I want the other to work, I need to turn off one, turn off RoonServer and again, turn on RoonServer and it will finally see the only Raspberry that is one. If I turn on the second, once again, Roon will mess-up things, rename incorrectly the devices, etc.

Maybe asking for the obvious, but: you do have given them different hostnames?

Inside RoPieeeXL S.O. one ends with “1” and the other ends with “2”.

Inside Roon they also have different names BUT, if they are ON together when I launch Roon, it will automatically gives to BOTH the SAME name.

You’re talking about the zone name, right?

And what happens if you rename the zone(s)?

If BOTH endpoints are ON together, Roon will show only ONE endpoint and rename the other with the same name of the endpoint that “works”.

So, zones, it’s not an option because you can see only ONE endpoint of the two.

In other words, when the endpoints are ON together, one will “EAT” the other and the other will “lose” its name.

Also, in “AUDIO” settings, I can see perfectly the BOTH endpoint, with correct hostname and IP of the both, but to the “winner” of the two you can PLAY music and change NAME, while, the other, you cannot PLAY music and cannot CHANGE name.

It’s WEIRD and NEVER happened in years!

I also tried with DISABLE/ENABLE endpoint, but NOTHING to do.

It seems that the endpoint with higher IP “eat” the other (or maybe it’s just a coincidence).

I also tried to CHANGE ip address to one endpoint (from router), the issue remain.

So to be clear:

  • you turn on one endpoint
  • you go into Roon and see the zone
  • you change the name of the zone
  • you enter the second endpoint
  • but you can’t see the zone?

Perhaps reflash.

I think there is a rare problem where both devices get assigned the same unique roon id.

Well, don’t reflash. If you want to reinstall Roon Bridge (which has the id), you can do that in the web interface.

BUT: there’s someone else with a problem that sounds just like this.

@RiseFall123 can you send me feedback of both units?

Sorry for the bad advice.

BTW I had this one a couple of years ago, before you added that option.

I confuse “Zone” with “Groups”.

Assuming “Zone” is the name of the endpoint in Roon (that for me is the same of the hostname in RoPieee):

  • Turn OFF server
  • Turn ON device 1
  • I can play and I can correcly rename the zone
  • Turn ON device 2
  • Mess-up things, I can see ONLY device 2, Roon will rename device 1 with the same name of device 2

So I can only use device 2, until I won’t turn off RoonServer, turn off device 2, turn on RoonServer, turn on device 1 and then I will rename device 1 correctly and then I will play on device 1.

I hope i was clear.

I will lose IP wi-fi configuration?

So it’s better to wait?

it is not.

Hostname is just the name being used to identify the endpoint on the network.
Zone is the name you give the DAC attached to it. Roon does nothing with hostnames.

Oh. And if I misinterpreted you and you mean that zonename is identical to the hostname: try to change it and see what happens.

How I can see Roon-ID?

Both Board Serial ID and Unit UUID are DIFFERENT.

Well, that’s the frustrating part: that issue (and yours seems equal) is a Roon issue and not something I can fix. I’ve asked the Roon team to look into it, but total silence.

Can you send me the feedback so I can check if this is potentially the same issue?

Send me the feedback. The Roon ID is not shown in RoPieee’s web interface.

If both endpoints are ON, I cannot rename one of the two and Roon will SEE only ONE endpoint (in the player interface) while it will see BOTH endpoints in settings but, as said, only ONE I can change the name while the other will be fixed.

In every scenario, when BOTH are ON, one or the second, one endpoint will EAT the other and give to it it’s own name.

I hope I was clear, it’s not easy to explain.

Could you explain how to extract correcly the feedback you need?

At the bottom of the Advanced tab page there is a green button (Feedback) , click on it and post the feedback number you’ll be notified

Both feedbacks of both devices are just sent.

Thank you very much!!!

What I actually found as “workaround” is to leave just only ONE device turn ON and turn OFF the other, but when I need to switch the endpoint, apart to turn on and turn off each one, I need to REBOOT the RoonServer.

It’s a pain.

Of course that is not a real workaround because I cannot play two endpoints in the same time (as I always did in the past years flawlessly).