2 Week plus 30 day trial?

Not sure this is the right area to post – but I thought I signed up for 2 week plus 30 days free trial. I’ve only received 2 weeks. Am I missing something? Thanks.

I’ve tagged Roon’s @accounts team to follow this up for you.

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Did you sign up using a referral link?

If so, I’d recommend reading the terms and conditions of the referral program. Referral Terms

With this program, if you sign up using the link, you’ll first need to purchase a yearly or lifetime subscription after the 14 day trial. 90 days after the subscription purchase, you and your referral receive 30 days of Roon for free.

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Aha, HI Ashley, yes, I used a referral link, but don;t recall ever seeing (or maybe ignored) the terms. Thanks for the quick reply, I like Roon, want to explore it further and will sign up for a year.

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You’re welcome! I think you’ll really enjoy the subscription! If you have any issues, support is awesome and always happy to help.

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