2 x Mac mini's - where to run Roon Core?


Just bought myself a new Mac Mini (latest spec) and wondering if I should run Roon on the new one and the other as the end point plugged into my DAC or is there an issue running the core on the same computer as the end point ?

I’m suspecting I’ll be better doing both tasks from my new Mac mini. My old one is a mid 2010



Obviously run the core on the new one. You can experiment with the choices after.

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I’ve got my core on a high-end machine, and my endpoint feeding my USB DAC on a 2010 Mac Mini. Works fine. Running RoonBridge on the old computer takes very little horsepower.

Run the Core on the new Mac Mini.

As for the USB DAC, try both options of connecting to the new Mac Mini, and to the old one running Roon Bridge. See which sounds better, in case there is any difference.