2 x ROCK Cores, Different Locations & Subnets

I have 2 houses each with a NUC as a ROCK, only one licence, I have a Synology NAS at each place with my music library sync’d between the 2.

I plan to just back up the database at one place and then when I’m at the other place restore it there, which should work fine except they are on different subnets one house is 192.168.0.x the other is 192.168.1.x.

My question is, is it possible to successfully restore the database with the different IP range or will I need to have both on the same, which I don’t particularly want to do but will if I have to.


Restarting the DB will be fine, iirc the only option in Roon’s setup related to IP addresses is the …

Subnet for Linn streaming

Which, if your streaming to Linn equipment, may need manual update.

Note, most routes allow the use to change the default LAN subnet… so it may be possibly to specify and thus align across to two locations.

The database includes the endpoint config / names, backup info, rock name etc.

So in my setup I have to fix some stuff after restoring.

I also have two locations / ROCKs (I have two licenses too).

I now treat one as the master and only occasionally restore to the other.

Syncing music files, and qobuz means that I find the out of date database on the slave mostly isn’t a big deal.

I’m not a big playlist user!

My Rocks have completely different subnets and seems to be no issue.

I think roon always discovers endpoints dynamically.

You could virtualize your Rock with 2 NICs, build a site to site VPN and give one NIC to the local network and one NIC to the tunnel.
Sure you would have to live with the latency, but there would be no more restore hassle.
Or you could move the VM between 2 hosts over the tunnel, if you have enough bandwith.

This sounds so good… I have a unifi UDM pro in one house and a USG/UCK 2 at the other. Though I’m not a networking guru, feels like I could figure this out. Feels “bandwidth wasteful” and latency scary to stream Qobuz to home 1 and then through tunnel to home 2. But I’d be willing to try it.

I just keep hoping that ARC will mature and I can have “ARC zones” in my second home or something like that.

Lets hope they gonna make this possible, that would solve many peoples problems.
Also STUN support would be awesome, instead of using port forwarding.

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