2020 all the airplay devices lost

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Mac Mini 2010.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Description Of Issue
All my airplay devices dissapeared today in Roon. What the f*? P

Your update lost all my airplay devices! Fix it now!

Having snapped your fingers, I’m sure @support will be here shortly.

Just curious: which of the data in your post do you wish to aid in their troubleshooting?

Good luck!
[not a Roon employee]

F**k I was drunk when I post that. But my problem still exist. Roon suddenly cant find any of my airplay devices. Wtf? And my airplay is working fine with all the other apps I use. Only Roon can’t see them. Was there an update in Roon that messed this? This is way too expensive app to have this kind of problems.

Without the missing information, pissed or not, its going to be a non starter to get any help.
I presume you’ve rebooted everything?

Yes I have rebooted everything. It did’nt solve the problem. My core is on Mac mini.

Core is connected with ethernet.

Hi @Greeferd,

What does your network setup look like, can you list the model/manufacturer of all your networking gear? Have you tried rebooting the router and airplay devices as well? Not sure if this was performed above.

If the issue is still the same after you check the above, can you share a screenshot of your Roon Settings -> Audio tab?

I have Airport Extreme as a router. I haven’t rebooted all of my airport devices like three of my 1st generation Airport Expresses, but I have rebooted my Apple-TV and my Marantz 6010 av-receiver which also has an airplay. Roon still finds my Mac, PC and my dacs. Only the Airplay devices are lost.

Hi @Greeferd,

Just so that you are aware, this is not a good router to use with Roon, we have often seen complaints surrounding Apple Networking gear, so much so that we explicitly mention staying away from these devices in our Networking Best Practices Guide.

In any case, it’s too early to say definitely if this is due to the Airport router, I suggest you take a look for any firewalls on your Core machine as this can cause similar behavior. I would make sure that you have added Roon/RAATServer as exceptions to your MacOS firewall, you can use these instructions from Apple to check this aspect.

Also, if you are running any other Antivirus or Firewall programs, I would ensure that Roon is added as exceptions or you try temporarily disabling them, in the past apps such as Bullguard, McAFee, Kaspersky, Little Snitch have caused similar symptoms.

Of course I have checked my firewall settings, thats not the problem. And I’m not going to change my router, there have been any issues of any kind with this. When I used other manufactures routers like Asus or Linksys there where always dropouts and many other problems.
No other antivirus programs.

Hi @Greeferd,

Do you by any chance have another PC which you can use to temporarily host the Roon Core on? It would be interesting to know if this same behavior occurs for just this PC or multiple PCs on the same network.

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