2020 LG OLED as display?

I’m getting a 2020 LG CX TV. Will Roon recognize it as a display? Using a Visio now, it want to upgrade.


Hi @Peter_Rustin,

I haven’t seen any reports of how this works on the 2020 model (we don’t have one in house to test with), but we’ve seen previous models use an older version of WebOS that weren’t compatible. In these cases you could always use a connected Chromecast device, so there are workarounds.

Dylan, thanks. So, just pop a chromecast onto an hdmi port and Roon finds it? I’ll try the built in browser to see if it works, and if not, just buy a chromecast cheap.

Yep! It should just appear in the Displays settings page and you should be good to go! Enjoy the TV, I hear great things about the OLEDs :slight_smile:

I have an LG65C7P OLED and it’s great. However, I’ve had the screen replaced twice due to burn-in. I don’t normally purchase extended warranties for anything, but this TV was so expensive, I did. The warranty paid 100 percent of both screen replacements that would have cost $1,800 each, so I’m told.

My LG does not have built in Chromecast and does not display Roon unless I’m using my Nucleus with HDMI to Oppo then HDMI to LG. Mine is a little older, purchased in 2018 I believe.

That’s expected of OLED panel. It’s great that your warranty covers it.

My local expensive S-brand TV warranty excludes repairing burn-in. The L-brand in my region didn’t either until somebody sued them.

Certainly not expected, but it can happen. Mine was a visible “Breaking News” banner from watching MSNBC. The LG warranty covered one year, I think. The extended warranty covered 4 additional years (or maybe 4 years total, I forgot). I have until next August IIFC, then I’m on my own. The warranty is not renewable.

We watch a variety of stuff especially now that the election is over. I’m not thinking roon visuals are so static as to cause damage, especially because we rarely watch or listen for more than a few hours.

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