218 and desktop speakers [Resolved setting issue]

My setup is the following; STi5 as core, Meridian 218 running into a pair of Meridian DSP6000s. I use an iPad as a remote as well as my desktop. I have an Explorer2 runing out of the desktop into a pair of Audioengine speakers. Before swapping out the 818 for the new 218 using Tidal desktop I was able to play Tidal through the Exp2 into the Audioengines. Switching to Roon on the desktop Tidal would play through the DSP6000s. Now, with the new 218 I can no longer play Tidal through the Exp2 with the desktop. The Tidal settings haven’t changed. Any ideas how I can get the Exp2 to work through the desktop again? I think I messed up a Roon Audio setting somewhere.

Solved it by changing Roon settings.

@KenS you might like to explain what you fixed up so others can benefit :smiley:

Right. I disabled everything directly connected to my PC so now the Exp2 is the default device. Works as it did before.