218 not showing up in Roon

Today I moved my system from the extension to a newly built media room. Everything worked before the move but now…disaster. The network topology hasn’t changed except the 218 is now in the other room on the end of a shorter piece of CAT5. The 218 will not show up in Roon although I can interrogate it in the web browser. I have uninstalled and reinstalled both my core on the QNAP where my files are and my control app on my Windows PC. I have restored a backup and that went entirely correctly. The 218 still stubbornly refuses to show up.
Any ideas 'cos I’m fresh out!

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Have you tried rebooting the network equipment (followed by the Roon Core and 218)?

Yes, I’ve done all that several times.

Try a different Ethernet cable. And make sure it’s at least Cat5e.

Same network switch?

I’ve already changed all the cables and installed a different network switch. I’ve even brought the 218 out of the new room and plugged it directly into the switch next to the server and the control PC (where it was installed originally and worked perfectly) to eliminate the new length of CAT5 into the new room. No joy though. If it wasn’t for the ability to interrogate it I’d assume it was faulty. All I did was unplug it and move it thirty feet!
Is there a factory hard reset you can do to a 218?

I’ve solved it but I’m not sure how. I tried replugging the 218 back into the switch by the server and after a couple of minutes it turned up in Roon. I then moved it back to the new room, plugged it in and voila!..there it was. It’s been playing music all day without putting a foot wrong although I’m scared to touch it now and I’ve got a new hi-fi rack coming in a fortnight. God knows what’ll happen then.

If you have not already done so, make sure you reserve the 218’s IP address in your router / ISP provided router/modem.

Thanks for the tip John. Have you any idea how that’s done? I don’t want to go to a static IP. That can cause problems of its own.

Alan, typically just log-in to the ISP modem through the default start page and then go to devices and select ‘Always use this IP address:’ or equivalent. This is not a true static address assignment, however, it does stop the ISP modem from re-allocating the address to other devices unintentionally.

The default login address will vary by provider, often it is - probably stated on the ISP modem sticker on the back / underneath etc.

Hope this helps.


Thanks John, I’ll give that a bash.