220 Pro through USB

Hello guys I am using my 220 pro connected by USB but my icon is still a speaker is there any way to correct this.

Also is there benefit to using air through roon and not the USB

The only way to get the icon is use the AIR implementation.

Try both and see which you think is better. Devialets we’re designed around AIR and Ethernet should be a better input than USB, but depends on your source and any other system preferences you may have. Try and see. :slight_smile:

I’ll post my question here since the topic matches quite well.

I have 220 Pro borrowed from my local dealer and I’m configuring it here. I got AIR working and it’s streaming nicely but I want to try how it performs via USB but there’s the problem. I simply can’t find USB drivers for Windows 10. They’re not available at Devialet website, there’s only AIR 3.0.4 download and I only find some random references to 1.6 or 1.6.7 drivers with google. Where can I get them? Integrated drivers in Windows don’t work, it won’t play on Roon or any other player whatsoever.

This is what Devialet help site says:

But there’s no drivers behind that link and not on my own account site either.

Also other question, is it really so that Devialet doesn’t support 5GHz wifi bandwith? It only works in my 2,4GHz wifi-network.

Thanks for the help!

IN my experience Air si way better than USB on Devialet Amp. This is the consensus in the community as well.
The current wifi card in the Devialet is 2.4Ghz only.
The USB driver can be found at the bottom of this page https://help.devialet.com/hc/en-us/articles/210655109-Do-I-need-a-driver-for-Expert-s-USB-on-Windows-