24/176 & 24/192 Stutter. Playback fails afterwards

Music at these sample rates start to play but within 5 seconds they start to stutter badly.

If I pause/stop the stuttering song, any and all playback selected after this will not work.

I’ve tested it out a few times now, 176 or 192 will stutter, I stop playback, go to a 16/44.1 album to play, the player says it has started but my dac does not change sample rates and the elapsed time for the song does not leave 0 seconds. Everything works after a restart.

Thanks for the report @robbbby, this was a scary issue but we’ve already fixed it for the next release. Hang tight!

Hi @robbbby, I may have jumped the gun here. The stuttering we’re aware of is only related to private zones – can you confirm that you’re hearing the stutter when you’re playing to a private zone?

Are private zones a PC running a “remote” install of Roon?

It happens under this scenario.

Computer A - Core install
Computer B - Remote install

Stuttering occurs when playing 176 & 192 on computer B

Hi Kev, this is exactly the same in the ticket already raised. Hopefully you’ll find the issue asap.

Same configuration:
Computer A - Core Install
Computer B - Remote Install

Hi-Res audio even at 96/24 fails from the NAS in under 30 secs. 44/16 seems to play fine at Computer B.

i think this is fixed and will hopefully be in the next update.