24/192 via Roon on 2015 MacBook Pro

Hi, I use my MacBook as a streaming source and Roon Core via USB into my DAC. However, I can’t upsample - tracks stuck on 16/44.1 despite streaming Hi-Res. Does anyone know why this would be? Thanks

Did you check your audio device settings?
You need to make sure that is set to allow max resolution.

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Hi, thanks for this. But yes, MacBook on highest setting available on device setup - 32/192

Any other ideas?

Not the macbook itself but the Roon audio device setting of its audio setting, can you post a screenshot of its audio settings similar to the one i did?

Ben have you been into DSP settings for the endpoint and enabled this.
On my phone it looks like this, but I have it set to Max x2, which you can’t see on the phone.

Then the signal path looks like this

Hi Michael,
No - I haven’t. Where would one find this, please? I can’t see any DSP settings. Thank you

What device are you using?
It’s normally down by the volume as below, but you can Only set it up on desktop or tablet but you can enable it on a phone.

That then takes you to the first screenshot I posted.