268 files couldn’t be exported - what to do?

Roon Core Machine

QNAP TVS-671 with latest firmware, i5, 16 GByte RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

GBit Ehternet, Netgear 524

Connected Audio Devices

Library Size

appr. 30.000 tracks

Description of Issue

when exporting the entire library of appr. 30.000 tracks, at the end I get the message:

how can I identify which 268 files caused this message?

looking at the logfile shows some crash reports but no indication which files where the offender

Could it be that the 268 files are added from streaming services?

could be - but as I don’t know which files are the offenders …

But you could have a look to see if your online content sums up to about those numbers of files?

good hint, thx … have never done this … is this info visible in the “general / overview” section? will check when I am back at home …

I was thinking along the lines of Albums-Focus-Local library and then inverse the selection?

Since we’re talking about files (=tracks), using the Tracks browser and Focus would give the answer even quicker…

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You’re absolutely right, that would be a better way! :slight_smile:
(my suggestion was more out of my common usage, which rarely (never) include the Tracks browser)

Just checked it, Only 111 tracks from Qobuz …


Any other ideas?

There should be a possibility to see somewhere which tracks have been causing these problems … maybe Roon @support can answer this?

Yes, i agree. If you feel up to the task you could peruse the general logs, as i suppose they show what went wrong, but might not be suitable for display in the GUI?

I did export another part of my library, same problem:

@support: what to do?

in “ROONSERVER_QNAP_LOG.txt” are several crashes logged, but nothing which gives an indication which files are the offenders … or which general log do you mean?

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Hi @fschmeis, at this time it’s not possible to get a list of tracks that are unable to be exported. It’s definitely a good suggestion, though! I recommend making a post over in #roon:feature-suggestions — Our product team keeps an eye on what kind of things people are asking for there, and it’s a good place for others to weight in as well.

I didn’t have a log file name. You seem to have found the relevant log file though. But seeing Kevin’s post also this seems like an improvement opportunity for Roon! :slight_smile:

tbh: I am a little bit “surprised” (and disappointed) …

done: Export-Identify tracks that fail - #2 by fschmeis