280GB of Temporary Files

Roon Core Machine

I am hosting Roon Core on Windows Hardware. It’s a powerful machine with 32GB RAM and plenty of Storage (All M2/SSD).

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Connected Audio Devices

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Description of Issue

I have noticed that there is a 280GB folder on the C Drive in “Temporary Files” (see attached) which appears to be the result of my exporting some of my playlists to an external folder for listening in the car (?):

When I use Windows Disk Clean-up it does not remove this folder unfortunately.

Can I just delete it through Windows Explorer?

I have the space as the C Drive is a 1TB drive however I am wondering why the space remains used.

Any ideas?


Exporting a playlist also includes all the music files on the playlist, that is why it is so large. It should be a copy so you can delete it if you have no need for it

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Ok thanks will do.

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