2L from Norway started a listening Session with all the Relevant Formats

Just for information:

I didn’t audioned it yet


It is interesting to see that MQA is derived from either DXD and DSD Masters but never from MQA master itself.

The so called ‘MQA Studio’ quality are really blurring the lines…Obviously the raw DXD and DSD which one can get hold on it will always sound first rated.

My listening test using 2L test bench sample tracks when comparing DXD vs DSD, I still prefer DSD even it is from DXD master; it is more ‘relax’ and ‘analogue’ sounding.

That chart makes no sense. MQA is PCM format. To make MQA, you have to have PCM. You can’t make MQA from “raw DSD” - it has to be converted to PCM first.

Hi Danny
This is my understanding too. 2L, does a lot for true high res. If it makes sense or not, it gives a brief impression what‘s going on

2L has many selections to try at http://www.2l.no/hires/index.html. I listened to most of the selections in MQA and comparable FLAC, and through my Cocktail Audio X45 Pro, every single one sounded noticeably better with the FLAC file. The attach was sharper on percussion, plucking of strings piano, etc. And, it caught any reverberation of the room better. Cymbals and brushes on drums came through more clearly, and more naturally. Both male and female voices sounded truer. Overall, the MQA files sounded very, very good. But the FLAC files were considerably quicker, cleaner and more natural in sound. I also compared some files on the Oppo Digital site, with the same results. Lastly, I downloaded Eric Clapton’s Money and Cigarettes album in both 88.2/24 FLAC and 88.2/24 MQA off the Onkyo Music site. I haven’t listened yet, but as I am much more familiar with this album, it might be a better comparison. I think whichever someone listens to, they will be satisfied. MQA was far better that I thought it would be, but with MY setup, falls short of the comparable FLAC files. On your system, who knows? you will have to do what I did, and listen to as many files available in both formats as you can, and let your ears make the decision.