-2s @ 512 or "full filter" @ 256: which combo is better?

Hello Gentlemen, as in Object, I am trying to optimize my hearing experience, since my corei5 7600k @4600Mhz seems unable to manage upsampling at 512 with poly-sinc-xtr but only using poly-sinc-xtr -2s I switched to DSD256 with full filter. What do you think is better? Thank you :slight_smile:

Actually I am playing music through a Ifi micro iDSD.

Thanks again!

IMO, technically, the -2s filter at DSD512…

Yes I agree with you, after some experiments I noticed a more crystalline sound with 512 and -2s :slight_smile:

If I may ask you, how do you play flac? Do you ever upsample to DSD or sometimes do you upsample the frequency but keep them PCM? Thank you!!!

If DAC supports DSD, I always upsample to highest DSD rate the DAC supports.

Only exception being Chord DACs, with those it is better to output PCM, even with DSD content (converted by HQPlayer).

Thank you:)