3 days since release still no sign of LDR via Qobuz/Roon

This is getting so tiring and happens every week with more and more releases. I know how Roon works etc with dB dumps but this is just not good enough of an excuse any more for a premium product and I am fed up of defending it. I have made it a favourite it in Qobuz app so when it does eventually make it’s way it will pop up.

Every other playback system that supports Qobuz I can play the latest album by Lana Del Rey on day of release but Roon still doesnt see it on Sunday. They need to work out a better system to keep in sync with new releases as on Qobuz and Tidal as the current system is flawed and slow.

First world problem I know but I am paying first world prices for a very broken product right now on too many fronts. Luckily I have other ways to play it but when I have to do this it really makes me wonder what I am paying Roon for as its failed on the main reason I went for it. One app to control my music playback across the house.


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