3 locations all connected via VPN

I have 3 locations. I want to stream my library from A, to A,B, and C.
A. TrueNAS with Music Library, Proxmox with Roon Server, multiple end points. working great.
B. Proxmox, multiple end points
C. Proxmox, multiple end points

All 3 locations connected via Wireguard. I realize I cannot easily add end points across subnets.

Can I roll Roon Server at locations B, C? to stream to local end points? Will my license work like that?

This isn’t a supported configuration, so I have moved the thread to Tinkering where you are more likely to get some assistance.

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Seems like the only way to enjoy Roon outside your home is with Arc?

Depending on how technical you are have a look at UDP Proxy 2020 which can be used to relay Roon’s multicast packets across subnets. Works with Wireguard but you’ll need to configure it to work with your particular network topology.