30+ year CD collection gone!

I’m in severe need of emotional support…

Prior to Roon ARC I have never had the need to put my CD collection onto a computer. For the past 13 or so years I have streamed music exclusively and retired my CD collection to safe storage in my garage about 6 years ago. Boxed away with big writing ‘Do not move’ plastered all over the boxes. I last saw them 2 years ago due to working away during the pandemic. The garage became the main dumping ground for all of life’s ‘don’t need that right now, put it in the garage’.

It’s 00:55 here in the UK and I’ve been searching in my garage for the last couple of hours looking for these boxes. Not there. Looked in the loft, waking wife and children up in the process frantically searching for them. Wife not best pleased with me.

All gone!!!:thinking::grimacing::face_with_spiral_eyes:

Asked wife, now awake, have you seen those boxes in the garage. “Oh, those boxes” she says. “Yes” she says, “I took them with the other boxes of old kids toys to the charity shop”. When? “About 4 months ago on one of my days off work”. They weren’t all full of toys my dear. They were full of approx 6000 CDs.

I’m in total utter shock…:scream::cry::angry::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Wife now devastated.

What can I do?


Lewis, I can feel your pain. You put a question mark at the end of the thread’s title, so it seems you still have some hope to recover part of your lost treasure.

What I would do in such a situation, though, is to read up on the very helpful Buddhist view on attachment and the need to get rid of it…

Give your wife a big hug… she didn’t mean it…


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Become a minimalist like me and celebrate every time you get rid of something. We’re down to one house, one car, no drag car, no airplane, no boat, no pool, no beach condo, no drum kits, 7 shirts (all navy blue), 5 pairs of beige pants, one pair of shoes, etc. You get my drift. It’s a great feeling to free yourself of “stuff.” Thank your wife for helping you get rid of that stuff. Remember what’s inportant in life (and it’s not Roon).



Enjoy the outdoors? Take a walk in the mountains (wife not included)? Play in the sand at sunset? Drink your pain out in a verry expensive bottle of whatever?

Life is short man, enjoy it as it is. Seems to me like is the collector that hurts in you not the music lover so just go for the music in any way you can. None of us will take anything to whatever else comes after this ■■■■■■ world we live in other than emotions, feelings, thoughts so why bother in the first place???


Typo through shock

Don’t be so sure about that! :slight_smile:

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I told my wife, my goal is to own nothing. When I die, reformat my hard drive and I’m “out of here.”

This thread is an example of why things are meaningless. It could have just as easily been theft, a fire, flood, or whatever. All you have is those who you love and love you.

You/we could be living in Ukraine right now.


Well, if she did mean it, there’s always the option to ask at the charity shop if they would have her, in exchange of whatever is left of the 6000 CD…


Thank you for the thoughfull, but mixed replies.

The feelings of loss is reduced as I’d probably say half I’d never listen to again. Some were very sentimental though due to circumstance of how I got them.

Alot were from magazines when I was a teenager/early 20s which broadened my taste in music.

It’s not the possession or financial loss that really hurts. It’s the story behind them, the memories.

Sounds daft I know.

Some people collect cars, watches or whatever.

I just collected CDs. Music has always been part of my life. Playing instruments (not well) and tried to write/make music.

1 of the CD had 6 songs I wrote for my mum. She never got to listen to it as she died from cancer before I finished it. That was 20 years ago.

I’ll see what the charity shop has left of them I suppose.


They’re easily replaced by streaming

She never heard them so it’s about you. Remember them in your head so physical medium doesn’t matter, it’s all about memories and how you recall stuff.

When I left home for college in 1966, I had a pretty good collection of LP’s including most, if not all, early Beatles albums. I also had three younger brothers age about 9,10, and 11 (two were adopted from Brazil). When I came home all my stuff was gone including the LP’s and an 8 foot hydroplane (boat) I had built. You can probably guess what happened to my stuff and why.

That is a naive reply. Certain CDs cannot be replaced at all by streaming. Because of unique mastering and/or high market value ($100+). Such as these and many others.



Congrats for pissing on a bloke when he’s down

Does he want/need to be reminded that his precious collection cannot be replaced


I’m sorry.

I can make us a drink. You can tell me stories of your collection. I’ll listen to every story of how you acquired each one. We can still share your collection that way. The stories behind the discs you still have. You’re ability to share these stories is most important.


Cheers for the offer of a drink. Many will be needed over the next few days.

A physical CD in the hand and then listening to it has more power to bring back memories I feel.

The power of how a strawberry tastes is more than than the power of talking about the taste.

In one of the boxes was a tape cassette from 1995. It was by N-Trance - Electronic Pleasure album. My Grandad got it me for my 15th birthday shortly after my Granny passed away. The fact I haven’t owned a cassette player since 1998 and haven’t played this tape for a very long time is irrelevant. The physical possession of it means much much more. It is available on discogs though.y taste in music ranges from Opera to thrash metal, from pop to hard techno and almost everything in between.

Here in the UK, in the 90’ & 00’s it was hugely popular for music magazines to have a free CD on the cover. I think I had close to 8 years worth of Kerrang CDs.

My wife was immediately forgiven. Her reaction of devastation reflected my own feelings. Bless her, she found a handful of her own CDs stuffed under our bed, cases broken and discs scratched and said I could have those. LOL, Shania Twain is not my cup of tea. It didn’t impress me much.

For years I’d always hoped of a way to have my own CD collection available, on tap from anywhere in the world at full quality. I have a small handful of flac files on Dropbox, but that doesn’t compare to what ARC offers.

ARC is the solution to bringing my private library together with my preferred streaming service, Tidal and as Roon’s philosophy says “Without Screwing it up” & “Integrate with my (networked) audio equipment controls”.

I have an iPhone and a Dragonfly Cobalt DAC for my mobile use needs. Roon/Roon ARC knows I use the Cobalt DAC and eeks the best sound possible from it. The Tidal app doesn’t have that level of integration and IMHO doesn’t sound as good with my modest IEMs.

I just feel ■■■■ now. Oh well, of to work and on with life.


Losing some PVC can be managed, glad you’ve not lost your wits! :smiley: And, the memories aren’t gone, should they ever be lost you wouldn’t know what you’re missing.
Zen dude!

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Lol, I see what you did there. :grin:

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I feel really bad for your wife. I can’t imagine how horrible she must feel.


“When the unconscious slumbers, one becomes concerned with superficial things.” - Marie-Louise von Franz

Jungians know a thing or two, also. :sunglasses:

@Lewis_Menzies1, don’t take the folks that imply you shouldn’t care about your CDs seriously. Most of them (myself included) consider their hifi systems to be irreplaceable.