300 Albums missing in Roon

I think, you can follow the instruction here, and look throgh albums which were not improted by Roon, I don’t mean doing it with all of them, but maybe a 4-5 albums will do a thing. Thanks!


@Ivan As per the instructions you linked to (thanks) I have no DRM protected files in iTunes (no “Protected AAC audio file” in the “kind” field as per the instructions).

I’ve included a screenshot of iTunes view sorted alphabetically by “kind” so you can see I’ve done it correctly :slight_smile:

That’s a significant number of corrupt files, I’d like to identify at least a few so I can check them in my system. Can you please let me know how to identify them in the logs so I can look into it? Thanks again.

Thanks for the info, @Poo! As the next step, could I ask you please to send us an archive with the album which is not improted by Roon, but can be added to iTunes? I know that this is private information, but you can send it to me via PM, so we can reproduce your problem internally. And also could you please attach a screenshot with a path to this album in your storage?



Thanks @Ivan. Just to be clear, you want me to make a zip file of an example album that is currently available in iTunes, but not appearing in Roon?

Yes, @Poo, that’s right


Done, thanks.

So what is the advice here? I have some early iTunes DRM protected files. Should I just go ahead and buy the CDs? That is what I am doing as I am a)Not interested in streaming b)and like owning CDs :slight_smile:

For music which is DRM iTunes and you want it in Roon, then you will have to get it again in a non-DRM format. CD and then rip to FLAC or ALAC. Used CDs are a great way to re-acquire music.

Hi William,

I believe you can go into iTunes, remove the DRM copy of the album and redownload the non-DRM Version for free, if it’s available.

I would google or search the Apple website for more information.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks for the info Greg. I did not know this.:grinning:

Yeah, I did it with some DRM albums a few years ago. It was a long time ago and I don’t use iTunes anymore.

A quick Google took me here:

Cheers, Greg