32 kHz MP3s not importing [fixed pending next release]

Yesterday I started a two month trial of Roon. I installed Roon 1.2 (Build 128) on my Microsoft Surface Pro 3 - 512GB / Intel Core i7 laptop which is running Windows 10. I linked Roon to my music directory on my Synology 716+ NAS running DSM6. Most files are MP3. My music directory contains 301GB of data totalling 39,597 files (tracks plus cover art) in 5,964 folders. My music files on my NAS are stored in the shared main music directory with separate subdirectories for contemporary, jazz, classical and educational (language learning) folders and files.
I manually organised my Meta Data particularly for classical music a number of years ago with the MUSIchi suite of software.
Since then I have been using my library successfully with Musicbee from my PC from my NAS. Also using Synology DS Audio, Rocketplayer and USB Audio Player Pro. All successfully.
Unfortunately after installation and linking to my NAS stored music directory (then leaving in many hours to finish) I found that most of my tracks and albums were missing.
I then unlinked my music directory, cleared the library uninstalled and reinstalled Roon (without Tidal this time).
To diagnose what was happening and to test Roon’s import I linked initially to my smaller music/educational folder which is 827MB and containing 177 files in 15 folders. It is contains three language courses Advanced German (4 cds, 81 tracks), French (2 cds, 18 tracks) and Italian (8 cds, 78 tracks). Roon imported only the German and French Cds 99 tracks missing the 78 Italian tracks).
I then linked my larger music/classical folder which is 48GB and containing 4,097 files/tracks in 374 folders. Roon imported only 999 tracks missing over 3,000 tracks.
My Music Library
My music library is very well organised with good meta data. It is structured as music/classical/composer/cd name/ file
For example Y:music\Classical\Gustav Mahler\Symphony No. 2 folder with the below files
• 01 - Mahler Symphony #2 In C Minor, Resurrection - 1. Allegro Maestoso.mp3
• 02 - Mahler Symphony #2 In C Minor, Resurrection - 2. Andante Moderato, Sehr Gemächlich.mp3
• 03 - Mahler Symphony #2 In C Minor, Resurrection - 3. In Ruhig Fliessender Bewegung.mp3
• 04 - Mahler Symphony #2 In C Minor, Resurrection - 4. Urlicht (Sehr Feierlich Aber Schlicht).mp3
• 05 - Mahler Symphony #2 In C Minor, Resurrection - 5. Im Tempo Des Scherzos, Wild Herausfahrend.mp3
• Mahler Symphony #2.jpg
The Main Meta Data for track 1 is:

  1. Track Title: Mahler Symphony #2 In C Minor, ‘Resurrection’ - 1. Allegro Maestoso
  2. Artist: Otto Klemperer Philharmonia Orchestra
  3. Album: Mahler Symphony #2 in C minor “Resurrection” [Klemperer]
  4. Publisher: EMI
  5. Year: 1963
  6. Track: 1 of 5
  7. Disk: 1 of 1
  8. Composer: Mahler, Gustav (1860-1911)
  9. Conductor: Otto Klemperer
  10. Genre: Orchestral
  11. Grouping: Classical

Please can you suggest the cause of my problem and a solution.

Hi Vorno,

I thought I’d put your post into a new Support thread so it can get individual attention. @mike and @vova will see it here and help sort out what’s going wrong.

Hey @Vorno,

Apologies for late response here. Your idea to test with a smaller folder is good. But can you try another test to understand if the issue is caused by media or by folder structure (there is a chance that folders with missing files contain special characters in their names). Here are the steps:

  1. Create a new folder on your desktop
  2. Store there several missing Italian tracks
  3. Launch Roon
  4. Disable all watched/organized folder you have
  5. Add recently created folder as a Watched folder in Roon
  6. Check Albums/Tracks browser whether they contain those Italian tracks or not
  7. Let us know how it goes

Thanks in advance.

Hi Vova

After further investigation into the log files I looked at what tracks were reporting as “Unsupported stream parameters from”. These were all MP3s with bit rates of 320kpbs and sampling frequency of 36kHz. Upon resampling to 44.1kHz or 48kHz they are all importing ok.

Is there another workaround apart from resampling?

I have found the list of which formats Roon supports. Is there also a list of which sampling frequencies etc are supported by Roon? I have not been able to find it. It appears to be a relevant point as these files have always played before in the numerous other players I have used.

Also from the log file what is meant by “[library] finished with 383 dirty tracks 23 dirty albums 9 dirty performers 86 dirty works 16 dirty performances 7 dirty genres 1 dirty labels 1 dirty periods 2 dirty forms 7 dirty creditroles 0 clumping tracks, 16 compute tracks, 0 deleted tracks, 16 tracks to (re)load, 0 tracks to retain, and 134 changed objects”?

Does this just mean these items were not “identified”?

Interesting. I’d like to get a look at one of the original files to see if they’re something we can handle better. Can you take one or two of the original files and upload it somewhere (like Dropbox)? Just send me a link in a private message and we’ll get back to you once we’ve looked over the files.


In Dropbox, you just need to right click the folder to share the link.

Hi Mike

I just messaged you the link to the MP3 file 32kHz sample rate 320 kbps file. When I resampled it as a 44.1 file it uploaded ok.

The initial error in the log file read 04/30 14:07:23 Warn: [storage/directory] Unsupported stream parameters from ‘\***********SERVER\music\Contemporary\Rickie Lee Jones\Rickie Lee Jones\01 - Chuck E’s In Love.mp3’

Where \***********SERVER is the name of my Synology Server

Thanks for the file @Vorno. We actually fixed an issue a few days ago based on a different report, and it looks like that fix helped here as well.

The file you sent is importing fine on our next release, which is currently in testing. I think once it goes live, these files should import fine.

Thanks for the report!