4 clicks to add a tag?

I would very much like to see an improvement in ease of use of tagging tracks,

Currently the process seems too long and tedious, including 4 clicks in different areas of the UI:

  1. Click the 3 dots menu (Kebab?)
  2. Click “add tag”
  3. select your tag
  4. Save

#4 is obviously redundant.

Since I frequently tag my tracks I would also be very happy losing #1 and having direct access to tab selection menu:

  1. Click “tag” button
  2. select tag


Something like this? Would make sense, I’d say.

It’s possible, but, we’ve been told in the past that space on the track listing line is considered “very valuable” which is why direct access to lyrics from that line were removed in the past.

While personally, I think what might work better is a “user defined” button, similar to the play now button at the beginning of the track line; where the user can promote one of the 3 button menu options to that line. It could be tagging or it could be, for me, View Credits.

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… my “design” was just a quick copy and paste. It would have to be done more like with the heart symbol (inverted, only highlighting on hover).

A configurable button for a user preferred action sounds cool. Now I want two of those! :grin:

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