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As the title states, I went from having my entire library disappear to now having 4 copies of every album.

When you state you have 4 copies of every album, is that:
4 copies on your hard drive (where ever it may be) or
4 listings in Roon (where ever that may be) for every album ?
Is this visible in the Track layout or Album layout or ?

Have you gone to settings - Library and clicked on “Clean up Library”?
Have you restarted your core?

I now have 4 listings of every album in Roon even though I have only 1 in my hard drive. I see the 4 listings in both the album and track views. I will try your suggestions now.

You can also go to Settings - Storage, then via the 3 dots next to the storage location, select ‘Force rescan’

Hery @tboooe,

Thanks for letting us know of the issue you ran into — there can be too much of a good thing. Sorry about the quadrupling of your library.

Would you please be able to let us know where is your music stored and how is the storage location connected to your Roon Core?

Could you please also include a screenshot of Settings → Storage in Roon?

Thanks :pray:

Beka, both my music and core is on my QNAP TS-473. At the moment Roon says it is tying to add almost 1 million tracks (I have closer to 60K tracks). Its been importing since at least yesterday morning when I first noticed it. I am not sure if this is related, but for several days prior to this my library vanished from Roon. More weird happenings…my recent play history is gone. The first date I see is from 2018.

My Storage settings are:
Nas-1 >> QNAP TS-473 >> Music folder.

Thanks for the quick reply. Would you please be so kind as to include a screenshot of Settings → Storage?

Thanks for that! We appreciate it.

If I may ask one more question, are you using any software to backup your music library? Or, are you backing it up manually in any way? If so, what is the backup location?

No, I do not have another copy of my music on this NAS.

Just an update…Roon seems to have imported my library correctly even though during the process it said I had almost 1 million tracks. Bad news is I seemed to have lost all play history and tags.

Hey @tboooe,

Do you, by any chance, have a backup you could try restoring?

Tried restoring several backups, even one from last year, still no history and tags.

So even when I play music the History does not update. Clearly something is clearly wrong with this version I am running in my QNAP.

Hey @tboooe,

When you say you tried restoring several backups, but you still had no history or tags, were the restores successful? Or there were no history or tags because the restore failed?

Would you be able to reinstall Roon on your QNAP?

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