4 HDDs connecting via to Nucleus

Can I add 4 HDDs via a (powered?) USB hub?
Will Nucleus recognize the different HDDs?

Do you have experience if it works?

it should be fine…

how big are they? 2.5? 3.5? what capacity?

It will be a customer setup, 4 different discs around 1 TB each of them.
For sure will need a powered hub. Later on he is open for a NAS to put all of them there but now would like to go ahead this way.
I assumed that it will work.
Thanks for your answer!

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a nas is a nightmare for this case… id just buy him a cheap 8tb drive in an enclosure, copy all the drives over to this new one, and be done with it with much room to grow, less power hungry, more reliable, etc…

Yes, you are right, will go that way!