40 days without Roon and counting

Nothing wrong with my Roon installation, except it is in Country A, and I am right now working in Country B, or being on vacation in Country C&D or visit my permanent home in country E (Thailand).

for other expat’s among Roon users, this scenario is probably familiar.

I would really appreciate if Roon would come up with some reasonably prized way the lifesubscribers could get additional subscriptions; i would like 3 personally, in my 2 homes and one for installation on a laptop for travelling.

Right now i am using some competing software JR…on 2 of 3 machines.


There’s no reason why you can’t change your Roon subscription between different machines as you travel. It would mean however that whoever you’ve left behind could not use your subscription at the previous location.

At least for the travelling part there is going to be a offline mode:

are you both single?
I would rather be without Roon than be in trouble with my spouse…:slight_smile: