5 HDMI Outs from ROCK NUC7i7DNHE?

I’m wondering why the roon audio settings in my ROCK configured Intel NUC7i7DNHE sees 5 HDMI outputs (endpoints) when in reality there are only 3 max (2 external HDMIs) and one internal HDMI CEC header. In addition, roon starts numbering these beginning with 0 and going up to 4. The Intel tech manual for the NUC7i7DN board names the external HDMI port closest to the female power input (to the left as you look at the back panel of the NUC) HDMI 1, and the other external port, HDMI 2.

If I want to use one of the two external ports for multichannel HDMI output from the ROCK, which do I use, HDMI 1 or HDMI 2, and what does roon call it ? (from what I assume some others have indicated, roon may label HDMI 1 as HDMI 0?)

  • john

The Intel drivers expose 5 outputs to us, we’re not doing anything custom here.

Thanks, Mike, although I’m still not sure if I enable all these endpoints or just the HDMI 0 to get HDMI multichannel output from the ROCK. Sorry if my techie naivete is showing through here. Still somewhat of a Noob to the roon ROCK thing.

  • john

Can this be disabled in BIOS?

Yes, I think it can. But I’m not sure if it’s a global shutdown of all the HDMI outs, or if you can selectively shutdown individual outputs. I actually want a ROCK HDMI output to go to the HDMI-In of my Oppo to use it for streaming of multi-channel files from the ROCK server. The HDMI-Audio Only output of the Oppo is supposed to have a good jitter-reduction circuit. And I did finally figure out that it is the HDMI 0 output on my ROCK (NUC7i7DNHE) that is the correct endpoint.

  • john

I see you figured it out. :+1:

My Salkstream III does the same thing. The explanation I got is the Salkstream reports all the possible HDMI connections regardless of how many are actually available as physical hookups on the unit (I hope this makes sense).

Like you, I had to try the different HDMI options in Roon to see which was the right one connected to my Oppo 103.

My goal was to play multichannel audio files. It works and sounds great!:grinning:

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Agreed; very happy with my setup presently!

  • john