504 Errors Strike Again

(Tony) #1


all today, both at home and work I have been getting 504 errors and really slow pages refreshes (which often end in a Try Again message) on this site.

(Kal Rubinson) #2

I get timeouts too.

(Greg Stratton) #3

Good, it’s not just me. So I won’t try and reboot my modem and router. It’s been like this for me since last night.

Cheers, Greg

(Chris ) #4

The forum has been slow and logged me out twice.

(Dylan Caudill) #5

Hi everyone,

We are aware of the issues and we believe things are now resolved. If you’re still having issues definitely let us know, but things seem good on our end now.

(Greg Stratton) #6

Hi Dylan,

Yes, seems fixed now.

Cheers, Greg


Should we start a “Is Roon in trouble?” thread?

Probably just them moving their infrastructure over to Qobuz…